Wednesday, July 24, 2013

$20 Makeover Armoire!

I found this beauty through Kijiji. It was listed by someone who 'just wanted it out of the house' for $15.

Insert 'I'll take it, its mine!' here.

See how I went from old and ragged to beautiful!

This is the Before.....what a sight, right?

The unfortunate thing, other than the fact its hugely heavy, is I didn't check it out well enough sans pay.

I got it home and realized it had lots of scrapes, cracking frame and missing a drawer track.

Not to worry, I say!

After a long month of fixing, and sanding, wood putty is my favorite go to supply.

This little container is my secret friend. You need to get yourself some. Seriously.
Elmer's Wood Filler

For anyone who has ever used laminate and press board, its not very DIY friendly to paint.

After the door was taken off. Lots of storage, this girl was having some potential!
After one coat of primer and one coat of white ceiling paint( I know, go figure) it gave me a nice flat finish.
I took the wood insert out of the door and stapled matching fabric to the inside frame.
The handles were less to be desired. Old and worn. I considered replacing them with new ones, but I couldn't seem to find  'just the right ones'

Cue the old and worn handles. An old bed sheet, and three coats of my trusty spray paint, they look good as new!
Beauti-Tone Acrylic Enamel is an amazing spray to use.
Beauti-Tone Acrylic Enamel spray paint
I cannot say enough good things about this paint. It finished smooth and silky. No bubbling. No dripping. No tacky surface. Perfect!

Fresh black paint, good as new!
With the whole theme of her room being Paris, they suit the room perfectly. They have a bit of a fleur de lis feel to them. Perfect.

Here it is finished! I am very pleased with it! I added a Paris themed box and Eiffel Tower jewellery stand from Michaels!

As they say in Paris, Voila!

Disclaimer-I was not compensated for this DIY project by Elmer's, Beauti-tone and Michaels Arts and Craft Store
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  1. Gorgeous!! I just saw this on the place and had to follow the link....!!!! Well done!!!

    1. Thanks Pam . Glad you popped in! I love Hometalk! Spend way too much time there;)