Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Mantles feature

Spring has almost sprung and the snow has almost left us for another wonderful spring season! The best time to decorate your mantle for Spring!

Check out some of my finds! Please be sure to visit these wonderful ladies!

Easter Mantle over at The Diary of Daves Wife

Easter Mantle over at 52 Mantles

Spring Mantle over at Sassy Sanctuary

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pantry makeover by The Inspired Room

I love reveals of rooms and nooks....I am a huge fan to see the transformations made by a designer's creative abilities.
Have you seen this pantry makeover by The Inspired Room?

I can't even begin to tell you which part I like the most.
Its everything.
The baskets, the chalkboard labels, the open jars....or the fact that she used IKEA.
Be sure to head over and check out the entire reveal on her blog!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Curtain Rings turned Napkin Rings

We went shopping this weekend for paint at the Home Depot. While I did come home with a lovely shade of Behr June Berry, I also picked up these curtain rings!

Levolor Clip Rings

I paid $1.77 for 7 rings. Score!

{We don't have curtains up yet, and we haven't even purchased the curtains yet}

Why, you say, would I need rings for?

{Kind of like the horse before the cart/cage before the bird type thingy}


I kept the leftover fabric from my Frame within in Frame project which I purchased from IKEA.

I cut the fabric into narrow strips and fed them through the eyelet that was already attached to the ring and tied a knot! This allowed to work with a sturdy base rather than trying to balance out the gluegun with the shape of the ring.

This is my favourite one I made. A simple bow, a jute bow and a few cut stems of berry from my centerpiece wreath.

Simple and sweet. I would choose this one if I had a plate and charger that had busier patterns. 

This one was to be a spin off of the Plastic Bag Wreath but it didn't quite go the way I wanted. I was going for a puff ball look, but this one turned out even better than what I expected.

They were so easy to make with next to no cost involved.
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Egg Door Hanging with DIY with Three Series

Last week's challenge from DIY with Three Series was the Plastic Bag Wreath using three supplies of plastic bags, a wire coat hanger and fabric/ribbon.
The challenge has been pinning like crazy on Pinterest with a few peeps completing the challenge too!
{Spring Egg Door Hanging}
I would love to see your creations too! Post them to your blog with a link back to Renovating 519 and I will pin them to my Pinterest page!
This week's challenge, which starts today includes a gluegun/scissors, a basket, and plastic eggs! Just in time for Easter!
I would love to see what you create! Feel free to post on your blog with a link back and join my Renovating519 Facebook page too!

No Reply Blogger

A you a No-Reply Blogger?

Are you wondering why you never see comments sent to you in response to a comment made on a blog?

I never even knew until a fellow blogger brought it to my attention! {Thankyou}

Check out this easy peasy tutorial over at Anyone Can Decorate!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frame within a frame

I completed a fun project to showcase my girls pictured together. I wanted to be sure I tied in the fabric I used, together with the rest of the room. I love how it all came together!
Simple, economical and cute!
The frame I found at a local thrift shop for $2. It had an awful looking picture in it but the frame was a great condition. After spray painting in black, I lightly sanded the edges to give it a light, chippy feel. Luckily, the frame was already painted gold {yikes!}, so the sanding affect was easy to acheive.
The fabric was a piece left over from my big livingroom window curtains from IKEA! I stapled it to the back of the fabric and the last little bit of the fabric made some rolled flowers to add to the corner of the small frame.

The smaller inside frame I picked up from the Dollar Store. Picking my favourite pic of my girls together was a tough one and I wanted just the right one. The frame was so easy to hang, as there was already a small hook in place that was already centered.
You know the wood text you can pick up from the local Dollar Store or craft store? Painted black and hot glued to the frame, she is finished!

{Never pass up the opportunity to stock up on words or individual letters, you never know when you will need them}
Southern Lovely
Clean and Scentible
Creations By Kara
Home Happy Home

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plastic Bag Wreath from the DIY with Three Series

  Interested in completing weekly challenges for yourselves using limited supplies called
with the DIY with Three Series.
The first challenge was to use plastic bags, a wire coat hanger and pastel ribbon or fabric.
I knew I wanted to make a wreath for spring. I had seen lots of variations of ones a few years back online, so this was the perfect opportunity to make one!

Shape your coat hanger in the shape of a circle.

Cut your plastic bags in stips about an inch thick and about 5 inches in length.

Start tieing them around the coat hanger. I kept my ties snug because I wanted a fuller looking wreath.

Once your have tied all of your plastic strips, place it on your wall and start to trim back strip that seem too long and are out of place.

Add a bow or strip of fabric, choose the center for placement or off center like the one I made.

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Blogger Homes!

New to the blogger world, and brought to you by the same design brains from AKA Design!
Blogger Homes!
Take the tour on their new site, which is so fresh and new!, then submit your personal space to be featured! Check out past features, browse by category and sign up to receive their newsletter right to your inbox {like I did}! Been featured Be sure to grab their stylin' button to display on your blog/website!
Here is my favourite image for inspiration, which also happen to be from Shannon and Dean from AKA Design too.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Half way to Finish-Girls bedroom

My daughter's bedroom was in major need of a freshening up! Gone is the pink, purple is the new trend for her!
I never realized how many holes and push pin marks a wall could actually have. Proof is in the picture of how many mud spots to fix them. Hubs. He is such a trooper.
Here is the finished colour of paint. Its called Lovely Lavender by Behr, stain blocking, paint and primer in one. I absolutely love Behr. Their paint applies so easily and is so smooth to work with. I was able to bypass applying primer first. All I needed was one coat plus touch ups and it was finished! Paint and primer in one is the bomb. Seriously!!