Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Walk in Closet DIY

We have began the not so fun job of tackling our walk in closet. 

We hadn't planned to start until later in the spring, but I found this great Kijiji find and it changed everything!

This cabinet is from IKEA! I am a huge fan of IKEA.
 Their pieces are so versatile and free flowing.

I thought this would be the perfect starting point to begin the task of doing this.....

Hubby hard at work taking off the existing closet bar support.
I honestly think it was attached with Gorilla Glue, carpenters glue and many....many nails.
See that IKEA dresser! Kijiji find for $10 two days later!
I know, right!! And they match too.
Its all great on reno land until this happens....
Welcome to the land of elbow grease and a pry bar together in the same room.
I'm now on the hunt for another cabinet like the one above to place on the opposite side of the dresser.

My goal is to line the long wall with cabinet-dresser-cabinet with a mirror placed above the dresser.

I cant wait until its completed!

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