Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Beginning of Walk In Closet Redo!

This is our walk in closet currently
Ya know

This was our past weekend 

 See that IKEA dresser?
Kijiji find for $10

 I always laugh at this pic. for a guy who is already 6'3", you would think he could pretty much reach anything. 
Not this time.

Someone put a little too much elbow grease into the prybar. 
Those things happen, I guess.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Walk in Closet DIY

We have began the not so fun job of tackling our walk in closet. 

We hadn't planned to start until later in the spring, but I found this great Kijiji find and it changed everything!

This cabinet is from IKEA! I am a huge fan of IKEA.
 Their pieces are so versatile and free flowing.

I thought this would be the perfect starting point to begin the task of doing this.....

Hubby hard at work taking off the existing closet bar support.
I honestly think it was attached with Gorilla Glue, carpenters glue and many....many nails.
See that IKEA dresser! Kijiji find for $10 two days later!
I know, right!! And they match too.
Its all great on reno land until this happens....
Welcome to the land of elbow grease and a pry bar together in the same room.
I'm now on the hunt for another cabinet like the one above to place on the opposite side of the dresser.

My goal is to line the long wall with cabinet-dresser-cabinet with a mirror placed above the dresser.

I cant wait until its completed!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

In List Mode for Undercover DIY week!

In six weeks hubby leaves for LasVegas for a work conference! 

Which means I will be in DIY mode ALL WEEK! 
Can I get a whoop!

I have been busy making my secret list of things I want to get done sans hubby!

He likes to get his hands dirty and get our never ending list of things completed, 

but lets be realistic....

He is a bit of a detail, disect, lets make a road map three times over before it even gets started, type of guy.

We don't mesh. 

Thank goodness for conferences, that's all I can say! 

A few things I know are top priority for me,

-------> Finishing our drop ceiling off. We have a few pieces missing waiting for duct work to be dropped down to meet it. 
Cambridge White ceiling tiles from Home Depot

---------> Digital Thermostat moved to a different location to be ready to paint our living room accent wall. 
Speaking of which, I love this accent wall. Its not a typical location when talking accent walls, but they have definitely pulled this off! {via Pinterest}

----------> Finish installing our gas fireplace top...right now we have our venting pipe exposed.....for three years....{ we won't go there, that's an entirely new post}
Combination of wood and brick. Two great textures in one design makes for  a nice balance. {via Pinterest}

-----------> Install NEW LEGS on my Kijiji find nightstands to raise them up higher to the height of our mattress.
See the distance in height? Much too short. My plan is to find wooden, flat side balls to raise it up! 

-----------> Install mirror surround in both bathrooms!
From House of Smiths! {Have you been to their site? B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!}

All items that he thinks we need to 'take time to do'

I can't wait to see his reaction!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Window Frame Collage Hack

Love those framed collage pictures using old windows and frames but can't seem to find one to use?

Remember this Cabinet Door Collage Frame I completed back in the fall for a gift for my mom?

I was fortunate enough to find the frame at our local ReStore in the city for $5! ......But, alas, I haven't seen one since. 

I have seen tons of posts of people looking for frames to buy for tremendous amounts of money!
 No way I say!

Watch Saturday morning for my re-hack on window frame collage using Dollar Store frames and paint!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Closet Turned Office Inspiration

Its hard to believe Back To School is just over a month away for students here in Ontario.
It feels like summer has just begun!

I have a teenager heading to high school for the first time this fall! She really wants to have an updated, grown up space to complete her homework.
We have thought about taking apart her closet and transforming it into her desk area!

I have found some great inspirations for transforming her closet into a desk area!

Here are two of my favorites!

I love this closet office redo by Susie from  SusieHarrisBlog!
Did you know she refinished the table with Martha Stewart Polished Silver paint!
I think its darling!

Open Concept Office Nook by Mandy from House of Rose!
I love the grey walls against the white desk and shelves. Lovely contrast. 

Have you turned your closet into an office? Tell me about it in the comments!

Melissa xo

Monday, February 10, 2014

Parmesan and Crunchy Bacon Potato Boil

I have a secret. 

My hubby  is an uh-mazing cook.
No, seriously.

Look at what he made in the time it took me to go out for a few groceries yesterday.

He is such a charmer.

Its super simple, cheap on the pocket book and easy peasy to make. 

All you need is potatoes, bacon, parmesan cheese, black pepper and chive flakes!
Thats it, thats all!

You can make it in 4 steps! 20 minutes, you are done as dinner!

Boil potatoes. Drain. Fry in frying pan.
Fry bacon to wonderfully brown tone and crunchy!
Cut bacon into small pieces and layer on top of potatoes.
Layer parmesan cheese, pinch of black pepper and chive flakes.

That is it! 
Layer the goodness on your favorite plate, grab a big fork and dig in! 
Dinner time!