Monday, March 18, 2013

Curtain Rings turned Napkin Rings

We went shopping this weekend for paint at the Home Depot. While I did come home with a lovely shade of Behr June Berry, I also picked up these curtain rings!

Levolor Clip Rings

I paid $1.77 for 7 rings. Score!

{We don't have curtains up yet, and we haven't even purchased the curtains yet}

Why, you say, would I need rings for?

{Kind of like the horse before the cart/cage before the bird type thingy}


I kept the leftover fabric from my Frame within in Frame project which I purchased from IKEA.

I cut the fabric into narrow strips and fed them through the eyelet that was already attached to the ring and tied a knot! This allowed to work with a sturdy base rather than trying to balance out the gluegun with the shape of the ring.

This is my favourite one I made. A simple bow, a jute bow and a few cut stems of berry from my centerpiece wreath.

Simple and sweet. I would choose this one if I had a plate and charger that had busier patterns. 

This one was to be a spin off of the Plastic Bag Wreath but it didn't quite go the way I wanted. I was going for a puff ball look, but this one turned out even better than what I expected.

They were so easy to make with next to no cost involved.
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