Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plastic Bag Wreath from the DIY with Three Series

  Interested in completing weekly challenges for yourselves using limited supplies called
with the DIY with Three Series.
The first challenge was to use plastic bags, a wire coat hanger and pastel ribbon or fabric.
I knew I wanted to make a wreath for spring. I had seen lots of variations of ones a few years back online, so this was the perfect opportunity to make one!

Shape your coat hanger in the shape of a circle.

Cut your plastic bags in stips about an inch thick and about 5 inches in length.

Start tieing them around the coat hanger. I kept my ties snug because I wanted a fuller looking wreath.

Once your have tied all of your plastic strips, place it on your wall and start to trim back strip that seem too long and are out of place.

Add a bow or strip of fabric, choose the center for placement or off center like the one I made.

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  1. This is so creative! Love your blog and that you are west of Toronto too!


  2. This is really cool! We did something similar using bags we got from Target throughout the year (forgot to recycle them). The red and white looks really neat for Christmas!