Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Grunge Candles!


Have you ever tried your hand at making you own grunge candles! Super easy and and super fun!

They are so simple to make with minimal cost!

Candle tapers (I used Dollar Store utility candles)
Bulk votives ( I used some votives I picked up at the local thrift store)
Sauce pan
2 Tin foil pans
Narrow container to hold wax for dipping
Stainless steel bowl to use for double broiler
Assorted spices ( I used cinnamon and all spice for mine)
Flipper or wooden spoon
Wax paper
{Im sure there are many variations of this method online, tried, tested and true. This is the method that works best for me with the space to work with and the cost involved.}
Step 1
Cut up your votives using a knife. I used a bread knife so I had a blade that was longer and with height. Choose a cutting board that you won't need later. The smaller the chunks, the better as it speeds up the melt time in the double broiler.

Step 2
Put together a double broiler using a small sauce pan and a small stainless steel bowl. Fill your sauce pan half full and your stainless steel bowl on top. Place a few pieces of chunk wax in the bowl. Bring your water to a med boil. As the water heats, your stainless steel bowl will as well, always use caution ! :) Be sure to leave enought wax chunks aside for dipping your tapers later.

Step 3
Once your wax has melted to liquid pour into your tin foil pan. {The image below shows an old cake pan} You need to fill it up about a 1/4" high and allow it to begin to set. As the top layer of the wax starts to form a seal, begin breaing down the wax and moving it around SLOWLY with your wooden spoon or flipper, to avoid being splashed by wax. As the wax hardens, it begins to crumble and form into the consistency of an oatmeal/apple crumble top( for camparision)....Hungry yet?
The more you move it around the harder it gets. Use the end of your flipper to break down the crumbles and repeat the process until you get a consistency like this! The crumble will be used after dipping to create the grunge texture on the outside of the tapers.

Step 4

Melt the rest of your wax chunks the same way in Step 2, This wax will be for your taper dipping.

Step 5
Once the wax has melted completely, pour into a high and narrow container to be ready for dipping.

Step 6
Dip your tapers into the wax until you reach the wick.

Step 7
Roll the taper in your spices

Step 8
Roll the dipper taper into the crumble

Step 9
Re-dip{is that even a word??} your taper and repeat the process of Step 6-8 until you have achieved the look of grunge candles you are looking to have.

Step 10
Dip one last time to seal the candle
Once you have finished, place them on wax paper to set. I like to wrap my finished grunge candles first in wax paper and gently squeeze the help the wax and crumble to set.
Set them on wax paper to cool and set completely.


  1. I love this!!!! Thank you...yes there are other grunge techniques and I have one I use often, but it is different from this and I LOVE it!!!! I cant wait to try it out!!! Its so nice to have a variety of one thing, rather than the same thing over n over!!!! So, thanks again love it!!!!!!!

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