Monday, November 25, 2013

Year to DIY the Four Walls that Surround Us

Hubs and I have decided to sell our year around this time. So, that gives me less than a year to get it in order. 


Limited budget
Lots of Time
Lots of Inspiration
and no help! 

With every one's schedule running this way and that, we know if this is gonna happen, its gonna happen by us! And that's OK:) ....A little of my crazy/neat freak/like things done a certain way/needs to be perfect/maybe a bit of ODC/change my mind and change it back again type personality doesn't mind it all. 

We pretty much have each room to finish. 
Its not that we haven't started any.
Its just.
We haven't finished. 
100% yet.

{Cue the personality stuff right about here}

This is our Plan!
.....and I say that so loosely, so just go with me on this! 

Remaining November

Prepare kitchen counter top for painting {yes, I went there}
Clean out master walk in for upheaval {not as bad as it sounds}
Begin to organize upstairs linen closet {I'm looking forward to this one!}


Prepare and paint kitchen counter top! - WOOHOO!
Take out walk in closet bars and shelves, sand and paint.
Install reuse bookcase and armoire! {yes, that's right, bookcases, armoire and a few tidbits...can't wait!} 
Finish painting master bedroom!


New doors for kitchen cupboards
Install glass mosaic tile on back wall!

Linen closet redo- paint, baskets, dividers, add doors. 
Do you know we have been living without doors on our linen closet for two years?
That's an entirely different story for another day!
Paint upstairs hallway


Upstairs bathroom- replace tap and sink, paint counter top, and install new floor!
Frame in mirror {excited!!}


Main floor counter top painted
Install doors, sink hardware and install floor


Sand and paint living room ceiling
Finish painting living room walls


Rec room drop ceiling finished
Install oak top on fireplace
Paint hallway leading to rec room


Outside work


Wait, what?

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