Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Table Settings-Simple Yet Pretty

I love table settings that utilize simple, everyday items either from around your home and that can be found virtually anywhere. 
Tis the season for keeping things pretty yet simple. 
Beautiful yet cost effective.
And personalized to your style.

We all love our style. 
Why not share with your family and friends this coming Christmas!

What do you need to complete your very own table?

Start with your table cloth or runner to use a base for your centerpieces.
 Choose something that keeps your table grounded 
{a fancy way of saying keep things in its place and a place for everything} 
 Don't be afraid to think outside of the box! Mix it up a little!

Christmas Subway Art Table Runner by Girl Loves Glam

Burlap Runner by Danielle's Corner

Time for your centerpiece!

Find yourself an old box! One long half the length of your table. Maybe two small ones. Either way, find ones that fit stuff, just random pretties

Rustic Christmas Centerpiece by Salt and Pepper Moms

Grab items that you wouldn't assume would go together. Those are the items that will make the most sense. Keep items opposite in size and go for pretties with texture. 

Great combinations of items are

tin and faux fur
burlap and cotton
greenery and candle {like above}
round items like jute balls with square items like wooden blocks

Decorative Jute Ball by Two Girls Being Crafty

Your table settings!

Go for items on your base with lots of texture but remember to keep your main plate or plates maintenance free!

We love layering! Bring on the layers!

Table Setting by Young House Love

Bottom layer gives good texture and pattern, plates are simple but provide great contrast. 
Dark to light-Dark bottom/light plate
Light to Dark-Light bast/dark plate
If choose one or the other, you will achieve the look I bet you are going for!

Festive Red and White Table Setting by Good Housekeeping

Whatever you decide, keep it simple, but make it pop! Don't make it difficult and have fun!

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