Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pottery Barn Pillow Inspiration!

I have a confession. 
I love pillows. 
Small pillows. 
Large pillows. 
Throw pillows. 
You catch my drift.

Confession number two. 
I also love obsessed Pottery Barn.
No really. I know. Its incredibly hard to resist. 

When I found this pillow cover at the local thrift store for $2, I scored. 
I mean, scored! 

That is until I realized it was not Pottery Barn!
Could have fooled me! 
It sure does look like one of theirs, doesn't it! 
It reminded me of this one!
 and these ones too!

And the one behind mine....the one that looks like a shag rug. 
Also thought it may have been Pottery Barn.
I still don't know....there was no tag. 
Do you know?
 I love them together on my comfy chair. 
One side says Happiness, the other says Bonheur.

Did you know that the striped chair is my $10 Kijiji find? 
Also a great score!

I am thinking of changing up the pillow by adding some fabric here, ribbon there. 

It needs depth and texture.
 As much as I look at it, it needs something more!

{This weekend is the one for DIY for the pillow!}
Check out these other ideas of DIY pillows from other fellow bloggers! 
Ready for some inspiration?

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