Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fabric Choices for Master Headboard

I spent the day yesterday checking out fabric choices for my master bedroom headboard I am making!
 I wanted something modern yet simple. 
Nothing that screamed,'look at me, I'm over here!'

I think these choices are my favorites. 
Now to narrow down the options! 

Opinions! I need your opinions! 
Please leave a comment below this post and let me know your favorite! 

                                    Option 1 -Chocolate brown with heavy embroidered swirl. 

Option 2 -Off grey gathered fabric in repeat pattern. This one is quite boring for color but I love the pattern.

Option 3-Satin finish with chocolate brown circle pattern. The direction is very inconsistent so it would be easy to place on a headboard, no lining up involved. 

 Option 4- Off grey fabric with blue embroidered pattern. This blue would match our accent wall right behind the headboard. It would take a little more detail to keep the pattern even and vertical but the impact would be worth it!

 Option 5- Grayish brown fabric with cream colored embroidery. My least favorite but still in the running. 

 Option 6-Same as an earlier fabric choice, but different pattern. This seems a little too modern for my liking. 

Option 7-Hubs favorite. Definitely not mine. 

Option 8- Cream colored fabric with matching embroidery color.

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