Thursday, February 6, 2014

Benjamin Moore Marlboro Blue Accent Wall

I love a great accent wall. 

It serves as a great balance for a room and allows your focus on colors and shapes to be centered. It also is a useful focal point if your room is smaller in size.

 {Basic rule of thumb is to choose a color for your accent wall that is darker than your other wall color} 

Choosing colors that strong contrast and immediate impact make for a statement piece. If you are looking for a more subtle and classy blend, choose a color for your accent wall that is two or three shades off of your original three.

Which wall to choose for an accent wall?

Most designers and DIY'ers choose their accent wall based on furniture placement , door and window locations as well as light. 

I choose our back wall of our master bedroom for our accent wall. It faces the east and is located perpendicular to the window. It allows for a steady stream of natural light for the majority of the day. 
Our queen size bed will also be placed on the accent wall with two night stands flanking each side.  
The room is on the smaller side for a master at 10x12. 

By choosing Benjamin Moore Marlboro Blue as an accent wall will serve as a great contrast in a small space. The color is very traditional and can be adapted to almost any space of any size. 

Accent walls can be completed and designed is so many different methods and mediums used. 
Stenciling. Wallpaper. Picture clusters, Vinyl art. 

I love this stenciled accent wall designed by Kerri from A Pop of Pretty, It offers up a great balance of smaller, detailed pattern with a larger scale bed frame. Its the perfect combination. 

The possibilities are endless. 
When you design with a focal point in mind, you have yourself an accent wall. 
Its as simple as that!

{For those of you interested, the stock number for Benjamin Moore Marlboro Blue is HC153}

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