Friday, February 7, 2014

HGTV Top 10 Decor Items That Need to Stop!

Take a look through the list found here and see what faux-pas you are in with you decor style!

Some of their choices for overdone decor style include, 

Love Letters
This one I don't agree with. You can find a lot of great variations of text decor to add to your room. The key is being subtle. You don't need to broadcast that you use it for decor. The key is less. 

This is my go-to find for a great variation of LOVE LETTERS.
I love the simplicity of these wood fonts from Design Dining and Diapers. Simple. Pretty. Soft. 

I love a trellis rug. It all comes down to the size of pattern and the color choices. 
I love this yellow one, but It looks pretty powerful and overbearing in the room. 

This is a great example of balanced placement between a trellis rug and living room seating.

When incorporating a trellis rug in a large area, its important to keep everything in proportion. 
The large trellis pattern against the solid seating keeps the room grounded. The smaller scale ottoman with opposite pattern direction is a versatile piece that doesn't get lost and misplaced in the pattern of the rug. This living room design by Decor Chick is perfect in my books! 

I DO agree with these though...time to go!


Hanging Lamp

Take a look through the HGTV link and see which pics ring true to you. 
Do you agree? Disagree with their finds?

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