Thursday, February 6, 2014

Social Media Mini Info

Social media boggles the mind for some. It doesn't need to be. Once you know the basics of how everything 'works', its smooth sailing!

I have had a few business owners urge me to put together a 'how-to' of social media to help them get accustomed to using the sites.

I have also had my mother quite frequently refer to Twitter as texting and texting as phoning in. Yes, I would say she needs a mini info post :) 
Love you Mom! xo

For me, I am a self taught/learner type gal. Everything I do, which some days its more than others, is learned from trial and error.

I hope you find my mini info post helpful! Feel free to comment at the end of the post with any questions!

                                                             ~SOCIAL MEDIA~
The big social media anchors currently are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as most of you know. 

Are you on each of these?


If you are a blogger, its important to at least have 3 out of 4 of these social media sites. 

Reaching to your audience is important to keep you traffic moving and conversations stimulating. By having consistency in these social media anchors keeps you connected and intertwined .


Facebook just announced its in the 10th year of being up and running. With millions of registered users, it stands as one of the top sites for blogger networking. 
Your fans have the ability to share your posts and pictures, increasing your fan count which increases your traffic on your page and comments. 


Twitter is a quick and easy site to be a part of. It allows you to connect and interact with fans on a current, in the moment, level. By posting statuses, it keeps your fans up to date on the happenings with your and your blog or business. 

Some bloggers like the idea of being able to reach many people in a short amount of time. It allows for you to stay balance at home whether it be along side of your spouse, children, and household life. 

By having the app on my phone, it saves time and convenience. You can literally tweet from anywhere in a moment's notice. 


Think of it as a larger, personalized inspiration board. All of your favorite images in one spot. You can group them in like categories on 'boards'. 
Pinterest is just one more site where your fans may follow your activity by way of images. 

All three are great sources of social media. 
I personally do not have Instagram but I should! my teenage tells me :)

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